Friday, March 14, 2014

I Admire You Debra Peek-Haynes

I'm so excited about our task today for the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Competition! We were asked to interview someone that we admire. In my weight loss journey, I tend to gravitate toward people who have been down the road I'm traveling.  There's nothing like getting advice from people who know what it's like to overcome health challenges. I decided to reach out to Debra Peek-Haynes who is the First Lady at my church, Friendship West Baptist Church. I was a little hesitant at first, but after seeing her encourage so many people, I thought i'd give it a try! I first learned about her health journey when I took a healthy eating class at church. I was so inspired to try holistic living and have definitely changed how I think about health.

Debra Peek-Haynes is an author, entrepreneur and a sought after speaker of healthy eating and living. Her mission is to instruct, inspire, promote and to remind us that God provides resources for better mental and physical health.

SB: What made you decide to choose a healthy lifestyle?

DPH: When I was told by five physicians that I had a less than 5% chance of getting pregnant, I knew that God had an answer and I kept looking for it. Through a series of events, I found a holistic doctor that helped change my mind, my diet and put me on a path of healing. I maintained a macrobiotic diet during my process. Within a couple of months my body responded and within a year I became pregnant. My husband and I had a healthy baby girl. I lost all of the pregnancy weight within three weeks after delivery. Our daughter only had about two ear infections her entire infant and toddler years. What the mother consumes during pregnancy greatly impacts the infant. I did not eat dairy products but I ate lots of dark green vegetables, which contain high amounts of calcium and other nutrients. During my healing process, I had to read books on emotions and physical health. I became very knowledgeable about health issues.

SB: How important are mental and spiritual health? Do you believe they play a role in your physical health?

DPH: Many times we separate our emotional health and spiritual health from our physical being. We need a holistic approach to create a better lifestyle. 

SB: You've just released a book. What inspired you to write about healthy living?

DPH: The book is called, The Beginners Guide to Healthy Living. I wanted to share what I've learned in a practical approach that anyone can follow. 

SB: What advice would you give to someone just getting started on the journey to better health?

DPH: Get my book and change your thinking about your health. 

SB: My favorite recipe from your book is Deb's Veggie Chili. What's your favorite go to meal for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to prepare a healthy meal?

DPH: The veggie stir fry is simple and delicious. I had several men taste it at my cooking demonstration and theyall asked for more. Generally, if a man likes a dish the women will too. 

SB: How can we get in touch with you? Where can readers purchase your book?

DPH: It's available on I can be reached via email at or facebook at Debra Peek Haynes' Healing Kitchen. 

Wow! What a beautiful testimony of how changing your thinking can lead to a change in your health. To learn more about Debra Peek-Haynes, find great tips and to purchase her book, visit her website Listen to Debra every Wednesday at 3:45pm on KHVN 970 am or online at Find her on youtube here

Debra Peek-Haynes was also on The Broadcast. Check out her segment here!

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