Thursday, April 3, 2014


Genghis Grill, along with Ty KU, gifted us with a bottle of their Citrus Liqueur.  Ty KU Sake is a healthy beverage that is low in calories  and low in sugar. It's an all natural drink that is filled with yuzu, mangosteen, goji berry, honey dew, green tea and TY KU Soju. Learn more about their wonderful products at

There are many wonderful health benefits to drinking Sake. Alongside the low calories and low sugar, Sake aids in the prevention of several diseases. The amino acids help with brain function, memory and helps to prevent cancer. It also helps with maintaining good cholesterol and the flow of blood. Women are able to prevent osteoporosis with by drinking 3-6 glasses of Japanese Sake a week.  Hair growth and glowing skin have also been a result of drinking this rice wine regularly. Although, it's a lighter wine, it's best to drink moderately.

Be sure to check out for a complete list of their award winning healthy beverages. They've also got wonderful recipes with drinks under 100 calories! Thanks Genghis Grill!

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