Monday, March 9, 2015

Weight Loss Prayers

This year for the lent season, I decided to spend more time in prayer and personal study with God. I admit that I've allowed life and social media (help me Lord) to get in the way of my priorities. Since I started my weight loss journey in 2014, I've learned that consistency is key. Anything, and I mean anything can throw you off course...only if you let it. The second half of 2014 was a bit tough for me. Losing my grandfather hit me hard and I had to readjust to life without Gramps here on earth. I stopped working out, my eating fell completely off and my weight went up and down. I know my body very well, and I can always feel when I'm gaining weight.
Me and my Gramps! 

I knew that 2015 had to be better for me. I can't have a great quality of life if my relationship with God and my health aren't in order. It's easier for me to make drastic challenges, so, I challenged myself to workout for 40 days straight while increasing my prayer and study time with God. Along with that, I've decided not to eat out, unless it's my last resort. I've already eaten out 2 days, but that's better than 3-4 times a week. Yep, it seems like a lot, but I get the best results when I make drastic changes and goals that sometimes seem unrealistic. Oh, but this goal is reachable. I'm on day 18 and I feel pretty good. I love prayer and quiet time everyday, and my body thoroughly enjoys working out.

Day 2 of my 40 day workout challenge.
Excuse my room! I was purging! 
During my quiet time, I started writing prayers for weight loss and healthy living. Prayer is the foundation of everything that I do, however action is definitely required on my end for weight loss. One morning I prayed, "Lord, you have blessed me with this body and I haven't always treated it the way I should. Help me to remember that you created me and that I'm responsible for maintaining your temple. Put holy and healthy desires in me so that I can live a Kingdom quality of life. In Jesus name, amen." Whew, that's powerful! A Kingdom quality of life! That's the life that I'm going for and I'm already experiencing it. Miracles have taken place. Business is growing and I can hear God through the clutter that sometimes clogs my spiritual ears.

I've got 22 days left and I can't wait to share my results, not only physically, but also spiritually. If you're wanting to change your life and feel as though you're out of touch with God and your health, I invite you to join in with me. If you can't commit to 40 days of working out (yea that's a lot...I know) at least commit to prayer and study time with God. It'll change your life, your mind and eventually everything else will fall into place. Stay tuned for my results!