Monday, May 11, 2015

40 Day Workout Challenge!

Results from my first 40 day challenge
I've decided to try the 40 day workout challenge again!! Starting today, May 11-June 20th, I'm committing to healthy eating and workouts with no breaks. All workouts are listed below and I'll add on each week. Feel free to join in! Don't forget to take your day 1 picture. Let's go!!

Day 1
Tank Top Arms

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
30 minute brisk walk

Day 5
10 minute ab FB
Biggest Loser HI Cardio

Day 6 Lauren Fitzgerald dance workouts. 45-60 minutes=10-16 videos in the playlist

Day 7-Repeat 4-6 times
25 squats
30 crunches
30 jumping jacks
30 seconds butt kickers

Day 8
Cardio Kick and Plyo

Day 9
Butt & Abs Tabata, add in extra cardio

Day 10
Pop Sugar Arms

Day 11
Quick Sweat Cardio
100 Rep Squat Routine

Day 12
Latin Dance

Day 13
Tank Top Arms 2
Brutal Butt and Thigh

Day 14
Belly Dance Hip Hop

Day 15
Dynamic Strength Training
Cardio Extreme
Toned Abs & Arms

Day 16
Ski Step Workout
Jumping Jacks Routine
5 minute Stretch

Day 17
30 minute walk/jog

Day 18
HIIT Cardio Butt & Thigh

Day 19
Fat Burning Cardio & Upper Body

Day 20
HIIT Cardio & Abs

Day 21
Strength & Yoga

Day 22
HITT, Butt & Thigh

Day 23
Latin Dance

Day 24 (or repeat another strength workout)
Full Body Strength

Day 25
30 minute walk

Day 26
Abs & Obliques

Day 27
Booty Shaking Waste Workout
Fat Burning Cardio
Boxer Babe Workout

Day 28
Upper Body Workout
Quick Cardio

Day 29
30 minute walk/jog

Day 30

Day 31
Latin Soca Dance

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34
Upper Body

Day 35
Boot Camp w/ Jeanette Jenkins
Booty Boot Camp w/Jeanette Jenkins

Day 36
30 minute walk/jog

Day 37
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat

Day 38
Persian Dance

Day 39
Fat Burning Cardio

Day 40
Latin Dance

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